2021 OCT 19 NZ Freedom Fighters News Update Billy Te Kahika, Tiamara Williams

Tonight, I want to share thoughts and information about how the Government is actively manipulating fear to create division and using the media to do it as well as ‘social’ & ‘cultural’ avenues. But does me having a different opinion than you make me your enemy? Do the ‘narrative’s facts’ that the media are dealing out all day everyday stack up? Are they trustworthy? What if the Government has a media campaign purely to drive hate between everyday Kiwis so they can control us better and squash any dissent? Continue Reading

2021 OCT 13 Billy TK on New Zealand Civil Rights Arrests

OPEN-SOURCE TRUTH Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph Fucetola interview Billy regarding the recent arrest of Vinny Eastwood and himself at a mask-free demonstration in Auckland area. They were banned from the internet and are still under restrictions for challenging NZ COVID mandates. Continue Reading

2021 OCT 13 NZ Freedom Fighters News Update Billy Te Kahika, Tiamara Williams and Antoinette James

BILLY TE KAHIKA IS BACK THE COURT GAG ORDERS BEEN LIFTED and Billy’s in great form thanks to the rest the gag order provided; that which was planed for evil will be turned around to the Good of the New Zealand Tonight joining with Billy is TIAMARA WILLIAMS and ANTOINETTE JAMES great warriors for freedom for all New Zealanders. Continue Reading

2021 JUL 22 FFNEWS on a Vinny Eastwood SIMULCAST (Fauci and Jacinda) Billy Tk, Glen McConnell

A SIMULCAST on “BAD NEWS WITH VINNY EASTWOOD” Hosted by Billy Te Kahika and Glen McConnell & tonight’s producer Vinny Eastwood Topics: Globalist Agenda, Tony Fauci and Jacinda Ardern Continue Reading

2021 JUL 21 Billy TK Snapshot Global Medical Tyranny, Food Shortages, Sovereignty and Strawman

A report came out yesterday that Currently 60% of the Covid Patients in the UK Hospitals are fully vaccinated with the two-injection course. Vaccine Efficacy very poor. In NZ Health Workers who signed the letter in NZ are being leant on and pressured this Medical Tyranny which is Utterly Corrupt. Around the World there is MAJOR UNREST and PROTESTING: France, Canada, Australia. A MEME is circulating regarding to Australia introducing a new Lockdown Level. Phase Five High Level. The awareness of a possible coming ARTIFICIALLY GENERATED: Food Shortages has risen. Continue Reading

2021 MAY 04 Dr Sam Bailey Covid 19 (Asymptomatic Transmission)

New Zealand Ministry of health’s reasoning for lockdowns etc as the MoH NZ makes claims are based on Asymptomatic Transmission; that for Dr Sam sounded pretty doggy so she investigates the reasoning and the facts MoH NZ cited for their position taken in this video Dr Sam Baily reveals the results of her investigation and it was time to blow the lid on this one… And BLOW APART she does MoH NZ reasoning!!! Continue Reading

2021 JUL 03 Will Independent Thought Reach Critical Mass to Blow the Lid off the Covid19 Debacle

by Dr Robin Wakeling: If my narrative sounds conspiratorial bear in mind that conspiracy and deception have been the bread and butter of at least some of the ruling class for millennia, usually the most nefarious kind. We have short memories and have been duped into believing that in the twenty first century we have more to fear from harmless conspiracy theorists than the actual conspiracists themselves. In fact, so effective is the so called “fact checking” propaganda that our default position is that if you share a different narrative you are by definition not only a conspiracy theorist, but you are also the conspiracist. Continue Reading

2021 JUL 15 We Face Annihilation Billy TK UP CLOSE AND PERSONABLE protest at Jacinda Ardern’s office

UNEDITED RAW LIVE STREAM CONTENT: at the Auckland Emergency Mass Protest with Billy TK outside  Jacinda Ardern’s office located 658 New North Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland 1022, New Zealand Continue Reading