2021 JUL 15 Vinny Eastwood Helping The Truth Be Heard UP CLOSE PERSONABLE PROTEST PM Ardern’s office

VINNY EASTWOOD SHOW: Unedited Raw Live Stream Content from Billy TK at the Auckland Emergency Mass Protest outside  Jacinda Ardern’s office located 658 New North Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland 1022, New Zealand

AUCKLAND EMERGENCY MASS PROTEST  was spurred on by Government Ministers acting Out Of Control such as Chris HIPKINS who Announced He Will Find You If You Have Declined The Covid 19 Jab; this Intimidation and Coercive language will not be tolerated; Government Minister Chris HIPKINS made a clear threat to New Zealand Citizens personal sovereignty and this rhetoric from a public servant is utterly unacceptable and reflects the lack of fitness to the office Chris HIPKINS currently holds. Billy TK and many others gathered outside Jacinda Ardern’s office in Auckland and TOGETHER said NO!

HASHTAGS: #FMNZ, #FreedomMovement, #NewZealand, #VinnyEastwood, #JacindaArdern, #UCPP, #UpClosePersonableProtest, #VinnyEastwoodShow, #FMNZ2021JUL15

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