Book Recommendation: Under The Shadow: Agenda 21 in New Zealand by Antoinette James

‘Under the Shadow’ is a critique of Agenda 21/2030 as it has been and is outworking in New Zealand.

Each page is full of quotes and critiques of United Nations philosophy, foundational members, Treaties, Conventions, documents and intents from many sources.

‘Under The Shadow’ presents New Zealand government documents, speeches and legislation leading to a more sustainable zero-carbon eco friendly economy and wellbeing of the people through social equity. 

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8513138860 


by Antoinette James

Behind the Beehive: ‘Under the Shadow: Agenda 21 in New Zealand’ virtual book launch


  1. Follow the money and you wil find the culprits. It is not our governments, nor our politicians. They are the Judas sheep. Agenda 21 came about in 1954 at the League of Nations. The pandemic is a cover. It is a synthetic, fabricated epidemic of a ‘so called’ infectious disease. 1. To create fear. 2. To divide and conquer. 3. To bring in the CBDC. The following names will help connect the dots. Don’t believe me – do your own research. 1). Dr Robert Malone (created the vaccine for c19 and then rejected it as dangerous. 2). Karen Kingston (analyst at Pfizer who studied the patent with the ingredient graphene oxide included but not publicly acknowledged), 3). Richard Rothschild patent registered for system and method for testing covid 19 2015 – and the world did not know about covid 19 till Q4 of 2019.4). Dr Richard Young – exposed the contents of c19 vaccinations.5) Dr Zelenko 7000 c19 patients in NYC and 3 died. He has cancer and doesn’t have long to live.
    Except for Rothschild – the rest have been vilified, ridiculed, mocked and censored.
    Now follow the money. 1) Mike Maloney 10 podcasts on the History of Money 2) Andreas Antonopolous – Bitcoin Guide who counselled Canadian and Australian government as well as investment banks, but mainly the nobodies like me. 3) Gary Gensler SEC CEO – financial regulator 4) Jeremy Powell Chairman – Federal Reserve 5) Janet Yellen – Secretary of US Treasury 6) Christine Lagarde – president of ECB, previously MD of IMF 7) Kristalina Georgieva current MD for IMF, previously CEO World Bank 8) Other entities that I am currently researching – BIS, WEF, WHO. All these people will have an impact on our future. Mike Maloney and Andreas Antonopolous for the good – the rest are toxic.
    During 2021 – 2023 – we will be divided into vaccinated/unvaccinated. Note this – for every 1 person who dies of c19 – 10 will die of vaccination. I am still researching this. Also the vaccination for delta variant will also cause sterility. I am still researching this. One lot will continue life under heavy surveillance, because the CBDC is trackable. They will have no job. AI will replace them. They will receive UBI. The other lot (unvaccinated) will be classed as sub human. No vaccination passport – no access to currency, home, land, transport, job. Essentially an unperson.
    BIS and IMF are behind launching CBDC. China has been the leading nation in adopting this currency. It is also an active member in BIS.
    You need to write a book about this Mrs James.

  2. I would like to purchase your book “Under the Shadow.” Common Core Curriculum also interests me. Is that $35 too?
    My address is “redacted”
    Can I pay “redacted”
    Also I am interested in your 2 papers: Covid 19, a WHO Coup to Manipulate you and Christchurch Mosque Attack: The Hinge on which NZs demise swings. Maybe I can access those at the top of this page?

  3. Hi,
    Just wondering if possible you have a digital copy of Under the Shadow.
    Would love to read this.
    Out at sea a lot onboard ship and digital best option.

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