DEAGEL Forecasts 2014 for 2025 page 02

Prediction of Depopulation forecasted 2014 by

From the Achieve of DEAGEL.COM: issued forecast of population in 2014 predicting population of 182 Countries in 2025. Until 2019 this data was obscure to most of the world that was until the “Pandemic / PlanDemic / ScamDemic came to the forefront of the global awareness along with “The Great Reset” kicked in. Interestingly this data has been sanitized off DEAGEL.COM this is PAGE 2 of 7 pages in total from the Original DEAGEL.COM population predictions Continue Reading

EU/USA /UK– 38,488 Covid-19 injection related deaths, plus 6.3 million injuries reported by 1.9 million people so far in August 2021

Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar Channel provides a snapshot of EU/UK/USA reporting systems data for COVID-19 Injection Adverse events reports providing an independent honest synopsis on what is happening with the mRNA Injections in this Medical Experiment being played out upon Humanity. Dr For  Mike Yeadon the bottom line is very very clear “Covid19 vaccines are very dangerous and definitely not “vaccine safe, virus dangerous”.  There is only one thing left to say #StopTheShot! Continue Reading

2021 SEP 05 Carl Bromley NZ Medical Tyranny KIWI if you are compliant and silent you are the problem; Freedom; when the battle is on your home soil EVERYBODY pays the price to “Fight the Good Fight”

Carl Bromley a Baptist Pastor living in the South Island of New Zealand goes on live feed and updates what the madness of Dictator Ardern’s Covid-19 Lockdowns meaning to him and he will not be alone there is a far greater coast being paid in New Zealand all for the Fear Generated by the NZ Government and their propaganda Arm NZ Mainstream Media who are pumping out lies like flies to a pile of dung; as I listen to carl my heart cried out God help Him and His Wife and realise Carl in a Nutshell laid the blame at the feet of the complicit who are empowering this Dictator in New Zealand Its time for the Wake Up! Call So here goes … if your brave you will read this editorial Continue Reading

2021 AUG 26 Lawyer Sue Grey: announces a New Support Network “NZHWU”

You are not alone there is thousands of other fellow professionals in the same battle “My Body My Choice” and that is 100% right and there is absolutely no need for an apology when your choices do not meet another persons or organisations expectations. You are standing on sacred solid ground be confident bury your toes in deep and stand your ground “My Body My Choice” Continue Reading

2021 AUG 27 New Israeli Study Finds Fully Vaccinated People are at “Greater Risk of Hospitalization” and 13 TIMES MORE LIKELY to Catch Covid-19 Than Those Who Have Recovered and Have Natural Immunity

NOT JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER EITHER. CONCLUSION: This Gene Therapy Injection Does Not Offer Any Benefits That Outweigh Its Risks: THE LAW OF COMMON-SENSE: #StopTheShot Read Full Article by Gateway Pundir Here ORIGINAL SOURCE: Date-stamped: 2021 AUG 27 -… Continue Reading

Book Recommendation: Under The Shadow: Agenda 21 in New Zealand by Antoinette James

‘Under the Shadow’ is a critique of Agenda 21/2030 as it has been and is outworking in New Zealand. Each page is full of quotes and critiques of United Nations philosophy, foundational members, Treaties, Conventions, documents and intents from many sources. ‘Under The Shadow’ presents New Zealand government documents, speeches and legislation leading to a more sustainable zero-carbon eco friendly economy and wellbeing of the people through social equity.  Continue Reading

2021 AUG 21 AUSTRALIA in UN Red-Meat tax will remove 2.4 billion T of Protein of World Food Supply Annually

NO NATION WILL ESCAPE THIS INTRUSION OF THE FOOD CHAIN AND MECHANISIM OF CONTROL: Unless we withdraw consent Now Immediately and resist in mass “THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is to be counted with the resistance in deeds not just words feet on the ground!
Put The Big Boys’/Girls’ Pants On Playtime Is Over!
Continue Reading

2021 AUG 18 The NZ 6PM News Wall to Wall Delta Terror, So, Lets Consider Delta Flooded UK Facts

FMNZ editorial opinion: SOMETHING IS WRONG; Mainstream Media News is seriously misaligned with Historical Current Facts according to the Official UK Government Data; in light of this do you not feel there is Some Question that demand asking and must be answered! Continue Reading

2021 AUG 16 Technocratic Communism vs He Whakaputenga, Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood

The World is in a unconventional war against Globalist Socialistic Communism and many Democratic Governments Office Bearers and Support Bureaucrats have without consent of the people commensed the destruction of the social structure of Democracy these actors have either been bribed or intimidated into the globalist elites plan to seize control of the Global Community to implement “The Great Reset” HE WHAKAPUTENGA 1835 Declaration of Independence 1835 that can Protect all Cultures in New Zealand Against this Global Plan Tyranny Continue Reading

2021 AUG 01 FFNEWS Sovereign Island Tokelau under attack by NZ a forced vaccination campaign

[NZT] The Sovereign Island and people of Tokelau is under attack by New Zealand operating to deliver a forced vaccination campaign on the ENTIRE population despite resistance to it. We discuss this with an Australian contact with family in Tokelau right now. If true, this needs to be world news – Ross Ardern is the NZ Administrator of this island. Continue Reading