2021 AUG 18 The NZ 6PM News Wall to Wall Delta Terror, So, Lets Consider Delta Flooded UK Facts

FMNZ EDITORIAL OPINION: 2021 have you considered the possibility you are actually involved and in the middle of WWIII “a war using unconventional warfare methods”

SOMETHING IS WRONG; Mainstream Media News is seriously misaligned with Historical Current Facts according to the Official UK Government Data; in light of this do you not feel there is Some Question that demand asking and must be answered!

■  Why is there such serious misalignment between historical facts and the fictitious Terror Narrative of CoV-19 Delta?
■  What Reasons could there be for NZ MSM News & the NZ Government; to act in such a concerted manner?
■  What Purpose is there in misleading millions of New Zealanders?
■  Wh0 are the Key players in NZ that are participating in the orchestration to mislead the whole Nation of New Zealand?
■  When was this plot hatched and who are all the cogs inside the country and outside who are within the Treasonous Plan?
■  Where and What is it NZ Mainstream Media News and the NZ Government herding New Zealander towards? 


What is this really for? What is the End Game Result the Goal the Mission The Purpose!

I WATCHED THE NEW ZEALAND 6PM NEWS TERROR. Usually, I stay away from Mainstream Media news, but tonight I wanted to keep abreast. It was Wall to Wall Terror.


I’ve just popped into the latest UK Government data to get a feel for what is happening in “Delta Flooded” UK. In particular…. who is dying of Delta…? the Vaxxed or the Un-Vaxxed?

Check Out Pages 14 and 18 in the PDF below. Remember it is UK GOVERNMENT DATA NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY; All data is from February to August 2021:


50 and UNDER: For people aged 50 and under there have been 265,749 positive cases, and of these 71 have died (YES READ THAT AGAIN…. “SEVENTY-ONE (71)” this is not bubonic plague). Of these 265,749 cases 147,612 were Un-Vaxxed….that means 118,000 CASES OCCURED IN THE Vaxxed.

50 and OVER: In the over 50-year-olds there were 33,736 cases. Of these 3,440 were Un-Vaxxed, means 30,296 WERE FULLY Un-Vaxxed

Are you starting to see there is something very out of alignment with the “You Must Get the Vaxxed to protect you from the Delta Variant” messaging from our government?


How about we check out the actual deaths though.

Surely there must be way more deaths in the Un-Vaxxed than the Vaxxed….right?


50 and UNDER: In the under 50-year-old there were 71 deaths in total…. 48 deaths were in the Un-Vaxxed… meaning 23 fully Vaxxed died. So yes, in the under 50’s there were double the number of deaths in the Un-Vaxxed, vs the Vaxxed…. but remember the overall death rate was a tiny 71 deaths out of 265,749 cases.

50 and OVER: What about in the “vulnerable” post 50-year-olds? There were 670 deaths in total. 465 OF THESE DEATHS WERE IN THE FULLY Vaxxed. 205 OF THESE DEATHS WERE IN THE Un-Vaxxed.

vaxhole, Vaxhole

I think we deserve for our NZ Government to discuss these figures and their implications for New Zealand….don’t we?




File Name: 2021_AUG_06_SARS_CoV_2_variants_of_concern_and_variants_under_investigation_in_England_Technical_Briefing_20.pdf

Pages: 44

File Size: 2.5mb

Author: FMNZ WARRIORS, [18.08.21 17:45] #The_Health_Forum_NZ

Original Sourcehttps://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1009243/Technical_Briefing_20.pdf

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